Do you own your own business? As an entrepreneur, getting to this stage has probably been your goal for a long time. The benefits are amazing. But sometimes, you wish you had someone to talk to about a particular situation.

Is one of your employees causing problems? Do you need help reading your financials? Are you unsure what you are obligated to do before you buy or sell a business?

Stop worrying. You have found a partner on call. Someone who can answer the questions you have about running a small business as they arise. You get access to an experienced consultant who has the skills and knowledge you need, but you remain entirely independent when it comes to making decisions.

Partner On Call

Aaron brings more than 20 years of small business ownership to bear to help you with the real problems you face as an independent small business owner. Owning your own business gives you freedom and opportunity, but it can be challenging to go solo.


The program makes sense because we offer practical advice and charge reasonable hourly rates, providing as much or as little guidance as you need. Whether your problem is as complex as converting to absentee ownership or as simple as deciding on how to market your company’s anniversary, we offer the degree of assistance you need.

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